Keeping the radiator in your car or truck in good working order is key to keeping an engine running well. It’s the radiator that is central to cooling off the vehicles engine. If allow to get clogged it can cause the engine to overheat, which can lead to extensive repairs and sometimes to a total rebuild or even replacing the engine.

With that knowledge, you should make sure you get your radiator checked and flushed once a year and possible more often if you are driving an older vehicle. It will be checked for leaks as well and there are some pretty inexpensive fixes to get those repaired.

We keep all the necessary equipment to take care of any radiator problem you might have. We also expose of any old fluids in an environmentally sensitive way. Coolant fluids can be hazardous to animals of all kinds, domestic and wild.


  • A clogged radiator can cause engines to overheat or cause engine damage.
  • A radiator flush can help avoid replacements or other costly repairs.
  • The radiator should be flushed approximately once per year, depending on condition of fluid.
  • Our shop has the proper equipment to pressure test any radiator or cooling system to find those annoying little coolant drips.

Never drive without knowing your brakes are in good condition. Get additional car services to keep your car running well.